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In the year 1998, The United States military started using illegal tech that would make perfect soldiers, soldiers that wouldn't fall in battle. However, their experiments failed and now over 90% of the world has been infected by the virus and more cites continue to fall every day.

You are one of the very few people to come back to life without being infected by the virus and now you search for answers.

*Game still a demo*

Mouse Controls

ScrollWheel - Equip Weapons
Left Click - Aim
Right Click - Shoot

Keyboard Controls
WASD - Move 
R - Reload
Shift - Sprint 
Spacebar - Jump 
E - Interact

Updated 29 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
GenreShooter, Action, Adventure
Tags3D, ambient, Atmospheric, Horror, Singleplayer, Unity, Zombies


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I don't know if that's the actual game script bug, or it's the windowed resolution problem with detecting mouse position, but when I click controls in the menu it opens options and vice versa. Maybe you wanted it?

: D did a video 
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Hmm, on my system, the game looks quite different. Everything's very bright (so, no darkness at all). And the shaders are quite a mess: Some objects are totally dark while others are not, the light models don't have a light shader (or it's not visible because the global light is kinda 100%?).

So the atmosphere wasn't installed for me due to this bug. Also, gameplay-wise, the game would benefit from enemies not just standing around doing nothing for two entire levels and then, suddenly, in level 3, a zombie is starting with no distance to me in the level, smashing my face right at the start without any warning.

Overall, the game felt rather like an early alpha than released.

Hope this feedback helps you to find a start to improve upon. I think this game could become good if you keep working on it, and I can see you put quite some thought into it already! You'll do it!


Thanks for the reply, it seems like there was a issue with the build of the game which I’m still trying to figure out. I will try to add more dynamic AI into this game for sure. :)